how to get to Patpong

how to get to Patpong

Getting to Patpong Badabing is easy. You can come by Taxi, BTS, MRT.

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Getting to Patpong and Badabing by Taxi

Every taxi driver knows Patpong so simply saying « Patpong soi 2 » will get you there. We recommend you to use Uber or Grab Taxi it is even make it easier.

Getting Badabing Patpong By MRT

The Silom MRT station is 300 metres from Patpong.  As with the skytrain, simply exit the station and walk down Silom Road.

Getting to badabing by BTS.

The Sala Daeng BTS  station is approximately 200 metres from Badabing.  We recommend you to simply get off the skytrain and walk down the road.


badabing patpong
Take exit number 1 2
walk walk walk
walk walk walk
Walk 3 minutes
Walk 3 minutes


how to get to patpong
Follow Miss and Mr Smith.


get to patpong
Then Turn Right
how to get to patpong
on the left
how to get to patpong
We are at Badabing.
gogo bar patpong
Welcome To Badabing Patpong Heaven.